Acharya Deshabushan Ayurvedic Medical College and Hospital

About Acharya Deshabushan Ayurvedic Medical College and Hospital

Our college in situated in the central place of Bedkihal and Shamanewadi on Bedkihal Chikodi Road. Our college is situated in 10 ackers of land. The college building is constructed according to the norms of C.C.I.M./AYUSH.The total built up area is 40,000 sqfts.

The Hospital is also situated in the same campus the built up area of the hospital is 35,000 sqfts.

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  • "Dharmartha Kama Mokasham Arogyam Sadhanamyath" |
  • Healthiness of body and mind is an important requirement to achieve Charuthividh Purusharth i.e.Dharm, Artha,Kama, Moksha.
  • Vaidya only cause to give these to the society by giving guidelines about healthiness to the people.


  • No person becomes vaidya by virtue of his purva janma.
  • He would become so only after complete education in the field.
  • "Shellvhan Mativhan Yukto Dwijathi Shastra Paranga |
  • Praniribhi Guruvath Poojaya Pranacharya Sa hi Smrutum"|| (Ch.Chi. 1/51-53)
  • By giving complete and through knowledge to the students Pranacharya who should always show concern towards needy.
  • This is achieved by improving skill, depth knowledge of subject, application of knowledge in real context.
Principal's Message

Dr. Dhiraj K. Patil


Traditional System of Medicine has taken major role in health care delivery system. Ayurveda stand first among them. Over the last few decades, popularity of Ayurveda has increased several folds not only in India but abroad as well. More than 200 Universities throughout the world are now running the courses of Ayurveda.

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