Vision & Mission


  • No person becomes vaidya by virtue of his purva janma.
  • He would become so only after complete education in the field.
  • “Shellvhan Mativhan Yukto Dwijathi Shastra Paranga |
  • Praniribhi Guruvath Poojaya Pranacharya Sa hi Smrutum”|| (Ch.Chi. 1/51-53)
  • By giving complete and through knowledge to the students Pranacharya who should always show concern towards needy.
  • This is achieved by improving skill, depth knowledge of subject, application of knowledge in real context.


  • “Dharmartha Kama Mokasham Arogyam Sadhanamyath” |
  • Healthiness of body and mind is an important requirement to achieve Charuthividh Purusharth i.e.Dharm, Artha,Kama, Moksha.
  • Vaidya only cause to give these to the society by giving guidelines about healthiness to the people.