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Acharya Deshabushan Ayurvedic Medical College and Hospital

College Campus

Our college in situated in the central place of Bedkihal and Shamanewadi on Bedkihal Chikodi Road. Our college is situated in 10 ackers of land. The college building is constructed according to the norms of C.C.I.M./AYUSH.The total built up area is 40,000sqfts. 
The Hospital is also situated in the same campus the built up area of the hospital is 35,000sqfts.
Herbal garden is planted with more than 200 medicinal species. Area of the herbal garden is 2 accers herbal garden helps in the practical training and identification of plants along with their medicinal values and uses.


Our Hospital is well built having nice infrastructure having the capacity of 120 Beds for Indoor Patient admission. Under the section of Ayurvedic Management of diseases we are treating skin disorders. Joint disorders some of the neurological conditions. Eye and Ear disorders.
Here we are doing Panchakarma Procedures like Vamana, Virechana, Nasya, Basti and Raktamokshana, Massage, Steam. Bath.

All the Lab Investigations are done, X-ray and Sonography facility is also available.Some of the General Surgeries are done here with special Attention and Management of Ano-Rectal diseases. We have separate kshar Sutra O.T. it is the specialty of Ayurvedic system of Medicine.Gynecology and obstetrics disorders are also well managed here. 

All treatment at the Hospital provided with minimum rates. The initial assessment, food accommodation and Medication. Our hospital offers health benefits to the many people. Who can’t offer Complimentary medicine and/or suffer from chronic illnesses for which there is no available cure in modern medicine.
Hospital conducts various free diagnostic and treatment camps. e.g: - Hypertension Camp, Diabetes Camp, Arthritis Camp and Neurological Camp etc. In our hospital we regularly conduct free cataract diagnostic and operative Camps with the aid of lions club of Miraj and NAB Sangli.We conduct regular Surveys in the Surrounding villages by that we can identify the disease and give the treatment for the same, by this Students are also benefited


Our Gymkhana is fledged with sports materials including Outdoor and Indoor Games.
Our Sports persons actively participate at university and State Level competitions so also Inter College and inter Society competitions. A full time physical director is appointed to conduct the sports activities.


The library has an excellent collection of 4075 books with adequate coverage of all the subjects taught. We give books for home reading and also for the reference in the study room of library. Living journals and magazines and news papers are available in our library. We have got separate reading room for Girls student and Boy’s student so also for teaching staff. To update the knowledge of the student we have establish reading club in our library. 

Our library functions from 9:30am to 6:30pm. During the examination time it will open till 10 pm. In addition to this every department has separate departmental library. We do purchase number of new books every year. Soon we will connect our library with digital library of university. The Internet facility is also available in the library.

About Hostel

The Accommodation Capacity is 40 in ladies Hostel and 26 in Boys Hostel. The Rooms are well furnished and well ventilated in both Hostels. We provide purified drinking water.
The mess facility is available in ladies Hostel. 
Newspapers and Magazines are made available regularly.
We follow Rules and Regulation very strictly in both Hostels.