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Acharya Deshabushan Ayurvedic Medical College and Hospital

Procedure for Admission

1. Application in the prescribed from duty completed in all respects should be submitted to the college within specified last date. The application be accompanied by true copies of all concerned marks cards and other certificates. Incomplete applications are to be rejected.

a) Date of birth certificate 
b) S.S.L.C. Marks Card or Equivalent examination Marks card.
c) Original Marks card of IInd P.U.C or Equivalent Exam.
d) Transferred Certificate / leaving Certificate 
e) Character Certificate from head of institute last attended.
f) Migration certificate (if necessary)
g) Domicile Certificate /Nationality Certificate.
h) Physical fitness certificate.     

2. Registration fee Rs.300/- has to be paid with the application form either by Cash/D.D.drawn in favour of principal and payable at Bedkihal. Cheques will not be accepted. The registration fees will not be refunded.

3. Submission of application with registration fee does not amount to final admission, which will be decided purely on merit.

4. The merit will be assessed on the basis of marks obtained by the student in the P.C.B. Subjects in P.U.C. IInd year examination and also his/her performance in the interview.

5. The candidate will be called for an interview before the selection committee. Intimation to this effect will be sent by ordinary post. The Parents/guardians Should accompany the candidate for the interview at their own cost.

6. The candidate should attend the interview with the following original documents.
a) S.S.L.C Marks Card 
b) P.U.C. Marks Cards (IInd year)
c) SC/ST and category –I , IIA,IIIB , IIIA ,IIIB,
d) Any other Certificate record as informed by the principal     
 7. After interview, list of the Selected candidate will be put-up on the notice board and such candidate are required to pay all the fees.
Within the stipulated date failing which leads to allotment of seat to the next deserving candidates.

8. Every students should pay the all fees for entire year. The student who fail to pay the fees, his/her name will be deleted from the roll call. Fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances. If any student discontinues the course in the middle, he/she is liable to pay the entire fee prescribed for the course.

9. Migration certificate and transfer certificate etc. should be obtained and produced by the applicant on or before the stipulated date. The college will not responsible for any lapse or loss or delay in this matter.

10. Every students admitted to the college is bound by the prevailing rules and regulations of the college and those that would be framed time to time.     
 Subject for study & examination for First  Professional B.A.M.S 
1. Padarth vijnana 
2. Astang Hridaya  (Sutra stanam )
3. Sanskrit 
4. Ayurveda Itihas 
5. Shareera Rachana  
6. Shareera Kriya

Subject for study & examination for Second Professional B.A.M.S 
1. Rasa shastra –avam Bhasajya Kalpana
2. Dravyagunana vijnana
3. Agada Tantra,Vyavhara Ayurved-Avam Vidhi Vaidyak 
4. Roga Vijnana-Avam Vikriti Vijnana
5. Charak Samhita
6. Swasth vritta

Subject for study & examination for Third Professional B.A.M.S 
1) Prasuti Tantra, Striroga
2) Kaumara Bhritya
3) Kaya Chikitsa
4) Shalya Tantra
5) Shalakya Tantra 
6) Charak Samhita

Compulsory Internship

Compulsory rotating Internship Shall be completed in the teaching ayurvedic Hospital, dispensary and primary Health center for the period of 12 month after passing the final Examination.
On full completion of the Internship as certified by the Principal on the recommendations of the authorities under whom the training was done the candidate shall be eligible for the award of ayurvedacharya (Bachelor of Ayurvedic And Surgery) Degree.